Rolf Glass

Christmas Wreath Candle Hurricane Shade

SKU: 620817

$53.95 $75.99

Transform any room into a cozy sanctuary of holiday joy with our Christmas wreath candle hurricane shade, featuring a delicately etched wreath that is cradling a heartwarming "Merry Christmas" at its center.  Crafted from high-quality glass, its classic shape complements any decor, while the enchanting motif brings a touch of seasonal magic to your space.

Whether on a mantle, centerpiece, or dining table, it radiates warmth and celebration.  Illuminate your space with the radiance of the season, and let this captivating piece become a cherished symbol of holiday cheer in your home.

• Dishwasher safe
• Slovakian made glassware
• Designed and sand engraved in Pennsylvania
• H: 8"
• D: 5 1/8"

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