Rolf Glass

Wildflowers 12oz Blue Repurposed Glass Tumbler | 12 Pack

SKU: 371351-S/12


Enjoy a refreshing beverage with some Wildflowers from Rolf Glass's luxurious repurposed blue glass tumblers! Give Mother Nature a high-five and reuse recycled bottles while adding some colorful flair to your table. Cheers!

The recycled blue glass option adds a unique touch of eco-consciousness to your table setting. Crafted from recycled materials, these glasses are a testament to Rolf Glass's commitment to sustainability. Surround yourself in the serene beauty of Wild Flowers while making an environmentally friendly choice.

• Dishwasher safe
• US made glassware
• Designed and sand engraved in Pennsylvania
• 12oz
• H: 4 1/2"
• D: 3"

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