Rolf Glass

Twist 8.5oz Stemless Champagne Flute | Set of 2

SKU: 950518-S/2


This fun diamond-engraved spiral pattern is representative of the evolution, motion, and development of both our physical and spiritual growth. It’s not about how fast you twist through the events in life it’s about enjoying the adventures along the way. Let’s set our spirits free and twist to the music we love, entertain more, and embrace the bends in the road of life.

This engraved Twist 8.5oz stemless champagne glass is well proportioned for serving signature champagne or sparkling white wine cocktails. It also minimizes the risk of breakage, while maintaining a contemporary appearance and is easily stored for everyday use.

• Dishwasher safe
• US made glassware
• Designed and engraved in Pennsylvania
• 8.5oz
• H: 5 3/4"
• D: 2 1/4"

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