Rolf Glass

Sea Shore 7.5oz Martini | Set of 4

SKU: 809533-S/4


Our “Sea Shore” line of products include, dinner and salad plates, hurricane shade, bud vase, champagne flute and martini glassware. Each glass is hand-engraved and frosted by skillful craftsman to simulate ocean foam and scattered seashells. Sparking memories of walking along the ocean waves and collecting seashells.

These hand-engraved 7.5oz. martini glasses have a refreshing appearance with the frosted sea foam and scattered seashells skillfully placed below the rim of the glass.

• Handwash recommended
• Imported Glass
• Sand etched in the USA
• 7.5 oz
• H: 8" 
• D: 4 3/4"

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