Rolf Glass

Mid-Century Modern 13oz Double Old Fashioned | 12 Pack

SKU: 502007-S/12


Add a touch of mid-century modern sophistication to your barware collection with Rolf Glass' Mid-Century Modern Double Old Fashioned Whiskey glass. Each glass is expertly crafted with the finest materials and featuring unique geometric designs inspired by the iconic era.

These glasses are the perfect size for serving up classic cocktails like an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or Whiskey Sour. Their stylish design and stunning patterns make them a standout addition to any bar or table setting.

Made in the USA and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, the Rolf Glass Mid-Century Modern Double Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass is a must-have for any whiskey, bourbon or scotch enthusiast. Shop today and elevate your home bar with the sophistication of the Mad Men era!

• Dishwasher safe
• Manufactured in Europe
• Diamond-wheel engraved in the USA
• 13oz
• H: 3 1/2"
• D: 3 3/4"

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