Rolf Glass

Cascades Blue 7oz On the Rocks Whiskey Glass | Set of 2

SKU: 752006-S/2


Introducing "Cascades" a rocks glass with the heart of a wanderer and the spirit of a true mariner. Picture the intrepid sailor, Rolf, setting sail into the night, bound for the unknown, guided only by the faint glimmer of a distant lighthouse on a craggy cliff, a beacon of hope amidst the inky darkness. It's a story of courage, uncertainty, and the indomitable human spirit, encapsulated in a vessel that embodies the call of the sea, ready to embrace the mysteries of the open waters and the journeys of a lifetime.

Available in both Clear and Navy Blue.

• Handwash Only
• European made glassware
• Designed, engraved and polished in Pennsylvania
• 7 oz
• H: 4“ 
• D: 3.5“

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