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School of Fish 7.5oz Martini | 12 Pack

SKU: 600635-S/12


When it comes to fishy stories this one will get you hook line and sinker.

One day in the factory, designer Paula says to owner Rolf. “I think our School of Fish design is boring, I think we should make one fish going in the opposite direction!” Rolf looks at Paula in disbelief saying, “that is the stupidest idea I ever heard”. That was the birth of our all-time best-selling design “School of Fish”.

Maybe you see yourself as that fish moving in the opposite direction from everyone else. Or when you can’t find the wayward fish, you know you have had one to many. Making up fish stories is a fun conversation starter, ask your fishy friends which way they think they flow.

How to make a Dirty Martini:

Start with the School of Fish Dirty Martini, 8oz glass: You can use either gin or vodka, 4 to 1 ratio of gin to vermouth, add the same amount of olive brine as you did vermouth, shake, pour, garnish with 1 to 3 olives on a pick. After one drink, can you still find the wayward fish? If you can, repeat.

• Dishwasher safe
• Domestic glass
• Diamond-wheel engraved and Polished in the USA
• 7.5 oz
• H: 6 1/4" 
• D: 4 1/8"

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