Top 5 Gifts for the Outdoor Enthusiast

You hear that? Thats the siren call of the wild...the stream rippling over the rocks as you seek the illusive trout... the unmistakable quivering sound of the Aspen leaf as you climb one through the mountain ... the gentle hum of the dragonfly's wings as you pass through the meadow... Whether gifting to yourself or others, here’s to equipping your adventures with functional favorites, specifically catered to those who crave the wild.


1. Aspen

Bring the great outdoors to the table all year round with this exquisite engraved Aspen Leaf Glassware Design.

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2. Fly Fishing

Rolf Glass Fly Fishing glassware is ideal for any outdoorsman or nature enthusiast. A delicate lure is cast, looping gracefully around the glass in this diamond-wheel engraved design by Phil Hopfe. While fly-fishing is about skill, patience and technique, utilizing this lovely collection is about angling no farther than your living room.

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3. Icy Pine

Nothing speaks to the great outdoors like an evergreen tree. This delightful, multi-facetted Icy Pine glassware collection by Rolf Glass make a bold statement. Contrasting pine needles are diamond-wheel engraved and brilliantly polished to add dimension and sparkle. American made, these decorated glasses are ideal for any occasion from your holiday table to your picnic table. Currently available in:

4. Dragonfly

Inspired by summer gardens, the Dragonfly Collection will lift your spirit. A light-hearted rendition of a classic theme, this collection utilizes whimsy and movement. Evoke feelings of warm evenings and sunlight dancing across blades of grass. Lemonade or Lemoncello never tasted as refreshing as it does delivered by a dragonfly.

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5. Sailboat

Navigate your life with Sailboat glassware by Rolf Glass. The important thing isn’t where you are going, it’s staying in motion. What better way to keep afloat than with our sailboat collection. You can almost feel the wind in your hair, while you sip on a refreshing cocktail out of these double etched designs.

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