Rolf Glass and Richard Branson join forces

When Richard Branson offers business advice, I usually listen with eager anticipation.
Recently he invited the hospitality industry to support Whole World Water, a company who’s committed to filtering water onsite and bottling it in beautiful recycled glass bottles. A portion of the proceeds goes to local clean water projects so that one billion people can get access to safe drinking water.
Bottling water on site saves the expense of transportation, and using recycled glass bottles keeps plastic out of landfills. Not to mention, we’re big fans of using and re-using glass.
Informed consumers have the power to convince companies to take responsibility for their environmental footprint and to invest in renewable energy solutions and other energy-efficient practices that will keep our planet in business.
Rolf Glass is committed to being environmentally responsible by introducing “Glacier Glass”, a wine bottle re-purposed into a sexy barware line. Rolf Glass donates 2% of the proceeds to a local Pittsburgh environment organization Growth through Energy + Community Health (GTECH) to help spread environmental awareness.
If you have the power to influence change at your place of business, while refusing to sacrifice design, that just makes good business sense for us all.