On Being ICONic

Sometimes life brings you around full circle. While teaching graphic/technology at a local college, I tried to inspire my students to be sensitive to the complex environmental issues that face humanity. Students were urged to find creative ways to use organic or recycled materials in their designs, whenever possible. We discussed ways to blend function with fine art, technology and creativity, to deliver environmentally friendly products.

Rolf Glass 14oz Recycled Glacier Glass

Thinking beyond the concept and considering the manufacturing process helped to lesson the impact their design/product might have, both economically and environmentally. It’s no coincidence that Rolf Glass received the ICON Honors for Innovative Product Design for “Glacier Glass

I am proud to be a part of a creative team that embodies these same principles. It took our team many hours of creative collaboration, pushing our technical skills, finding new marketing strategies and a great deal of determination to get us to this prestigious event. I get to be a part of an inspiring design team; a leader in the tabletop industry, responsible for original, innovative, environmentally conscious products that are made in a small town in the United States of America! How cool is that? We hope to continue helping to elevate our industry by utilizing creative, inventive design, while being conscious of our impact to the planet. Thank you, ICON, for the acknowledgement and validation of our efforts.