Broken Glass: An Optimists Perspective on Spring

While doing a bit of spring cleaning I accidentally broke a drinking glass. It was one of a set that I have had for over a decade, and not the first one to go. Instead of feeling sad about the loss, I choose to embrace it as a sign of spring, as an opportunity to replace the sad collection with something fresh and new. A glass blowing friend of mine once said to me, “glass breaks.” That simple sentiment has actually popped into my mind time and again over the years. That’s just what glass does…it breaks.

I pity those people who get overly precious about their glassware, only pulling out their favorites for “special” occasions. You deserve to enjoy the objects you use, daily! I challenge you to allow yourself the luxury of changing up your glassware this spring. Choose a beautiful new collection that mirrors your current personality. You would never be expected to wear the same shoes season after season, why not reinvent your daily routine with something beautiful and functional. Round up those remnant, mismatched glasses from days gone by, and donate them to your local charity.

Then get inspired. The spring fashions for 2013 dictate that feathers and patterns are both on trend. Take a note from those designers and indulge in the Rolf Glass Peacock Collection. Or embellish your daily routine with the simple elegance of Rolf Glass Contemporary Good Vibrations. Whatever choices you make to upgrade this spring, embrace the beauty of a more refined, updated version of you!