5 Tips to Help Boost Your Sales

1. Glass/Crystal needs light. If you have windows or Natural light, that is ideal to give crystal the sparkle it deserves. If that’s not an option, try installing track lighting, and use spotlighting instead of a floodlight. A direct, and intense light always brings out the best in glass.

2. Employing a greeter on busy days is a great way to make your customers feel welcome and important. They can offer a refreshment or tell customers about in-store specials. Always make sure you have the right personality in this position, otherwise it can feel forced or scripted.

3. 90% of customers enter a store and turn to the right. Utilize this area to showcase your newest items. Use the wall space to tell a product’s story, or display high profit items.

4. When selling a collection with various sizes, place the small size to the left and the larger sizes to the right. Most customers are right handed and will often unconsciously reach for items closest to their right hand. Selling the larger, and more expensive items, means more profit for you.

5. Mix textures whenever possible: wood with glass; silk with marble; use weathered painted shelves or table and floral printed chairs. A balance of hard and soft textures allows the customer to draw focus and see things in a way they may not have expected, giving them a fresh perspective.