5 Unique Glassware Gift Ideas

Giving a gift is always appropriate for just about any occasion you can think of. Birthdays, weddings and retirement are just a few life milestones that deserve a special token. The winter gift giving season should not be forgotten either. You can even give someone a gift just because you feel like it. However, knowing that you want to give a gift doesn't necessarily mean you know what to get!
One gift item that has been gaining popularity is engraved glassware. It is a classy gift that will stand the test of time and remind recipients of special occasions. Etched glassware can be tailored to the personality or hobbies of someone special, making it a relevant gift for just about anyone you can think of. Stumped on what to get? Here are some ideas.
1. Something Special for Historians
Your best man can recite the Declaration of Independence word for word, or your retiring colleague geeks out on historic reenactments. A Hero/Rebel double old fashioned glass set is just the perfect thing. It consists of four glasses with the words "hero," "diplomat," "philosopher" and "rebel" etched on them, representing four of our country's founding fathers: George Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, respectively. It's a thoughtful gift that is perfect for any history-loving person.
2. Punk Rock Accessories
What can you possibly get for your mohawk sporting nephew who just turned 21 last week? How about a set of Numbskull Pint glasses, available in stemless wine glasses or double old fashioned glasses, featuring a skull with a different hat on four different glasses. Each drinker can choose the headgear that matches their personality best like a crown or fedora. People typically think of glassware as a gift for the older crowd, but with glass etchings, a classic gift can be edgy.
3. For the Wise Guy
Throughout history, the Owl has been known to be a symbol of knowledge and wisdom.
“A wise old owl sat on an oak; The more he saw the less he spoke; The less he spoke the more he heard; Why aren’t we like that wise old bird?” ~Unknown
Deeply sand-etched, this introspective design adds a hint of mystery to any table.
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4. Couples Cocktails
All relationships have their share of silly little squabbles, but whose glass is whose won’t be one of them with this beautifully crafted set of dishwasher- safe, decorated in the USA, On the Rocks glasses. An unforgettable gift for weddings or anniversaries, the set makes an elegant addition to your tabletop or bar.
5. Happy Campers
People who love camping always need convenient and stylish ways to drink. The Happy Camper series is a selection of engraved mason jars with handles. There are different types of campers pictured on them with the phrase "Happy Camper." It's the perfect way to commemorate good times with your camping buddies, or to christen a new camper. Having a few drinks is a big part of any camping trip, whether you've got a travel trailer or a pop-up camper. Now, set up your camping chairs and get to sipping!